Saturday, December 26, 2015

Christmas Eve PJs

Size 10 for the two biggest kids. Size 8ish for the youngest kid.
I've been wanting to try this pattern for quite awhile. I kind of detest the printing and taping and cutting that goes along with pdf patterns, so I held off until now. To avoid the annoying things that come along with pdf patterns, I took this one to the copy shop. It was around $9 to print the pattern and the instructions. It was worth it to me. 

I thought these would take a long time to put together, with the contrasting fabric and pockets and all, but they were a surprisingly quick garment to cut out and sew up. I totally plan on using this pattern again. It fits the kids really well. Slouchy enough in the hips and snug enough at the ankles for lots of comfy lounging. The only downside is that 10T is the largest size in this pattern. So I'll either have to draft up as they grow, or I'll have to buy the Hudson Pant pattern and see if it has sizes that will fit the kids in the years between kid and adult. I should probably just buy it anyway and make a pair for myself already.
The deer is a design from OESD, the moon is from my embroidery software, and I designed the tree. The adorableness of this design is killing me. But not literally. That would be dangerous.
The shirts are a modified version of Simplicity J0473
All fabrics purchased at Jo-Ann Fabrics.

The kids seem to really like their pjs this year. And overall, I like them, too. They sure are fun to look at with the bright happy colors. 

Notes for me for next time: I used this pattern for last year's Christmas Eve pajamas, too, (size S this year for all three kids) but I tried to modify it to a v-neck instead. So I didn't have a pattern for the neckband. And it's been quite awhile since I attached a neckband. So I have forgotten my tricks that I thought I had mastered. Anyway, I am not happy with how the necks on these tops turned out. (User error.) The boys' necklines are very loose and fall off their shoulders. Afton's neckline is gathered into the neckband and looks home-Ec-quality. I may unpick the necks and try again. And the size: Small? sheesh. These things are ginormous on my kids. I forgot that the Big 4 patterns run so big. And I didn't take any notes on last year's pjs. So I'm assuming I made them A&E's pjs XS last year and maybe I graded down from an XS for R's. But the knit I used this year was much more stretchy and light and flimsy, so that probably also contributed to the "bigness" of this year's tops. I also modified the sleeves by adding a cuff to each wrist. I should hem these since E's top is already running like a pair of nylons in one spot where it got stretched too far.
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