Thursday, June 18, 2015

Frida Kahlo

My sewing mojo may have returned...
 Afton chose to represent Frida Kahlo at her 4th grade Wax Museum last week. The picture above was her inspiration.
Afton made the necklace and sewed most of the beads to the black headband.

I made the rest of the clothes. The skirt is self-drafted; it's even lined! The shirt based off of Simplicity 3511, but the largest size I have is size 4. Afton runs about a size 7 or 8 in most patterns so I just did my best to grade up to a 7. I used my Bernina embroidery module to embroider the butterfly on the yoke, just to add some interest and some fanciness. I also bought a new hemmer foot for my sewing machine which makes the nicest narrow hem without doing any pressing or trimming. It was worth the pretty penny, because I know I'll be using this foot a lot in the future. I also used my gathering foot, which I already owned, to gather the second tier on the skirt. I've never really played around with that foot, but it sure saved a lot of time since the skirt had so much volume on the bottom. Thankfully, there are a few youtube videos out there on the interwebs to walk me through the process of using the different feet.
I loved that she wanted the unibrow and the hint of a moustache, although in the pictures, her unibrow doesn't show up quite as much as it did in real life.
She killed a fly the other day and said, "Frida Kahlo's still got it." I love it.
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Sara Jolie said...

ha ha...she is hilarious! I love what you made and fancy new "feet" are so much fun! I might have to look into some of those. My new favorite is an invisible zipper foot. Maybe you already have that one but it has made all my projects look sooooo much better