Saturday, May 10, 2014

take manhattan tunic

I made something a couple of months ago. Which isn't big news. I've been making plenty of somethings. But today I'm actually blogging about it! It's a Mother's Day-Eve Miracle! I checked out a book from the library called Twinkle Sews by Wenlan Chia. I have checked this book out probably four times. It's just so pretty to look at. But this time I finally made something from it.
 I tried the Take Manhattan Tunic.
It's my first PDF pattern. This means I printed out approximately one gazillion pages, cut them up, taped them back together and then cut out the pattern pieces. You know the drill.
 It took hours. I'm pretty sure it took longer to tape the pages together than to cut out and sew the flipping tunic! The book has lots of good ideas and plenty of garments that I would love to try, but only if someone else would do the cutting and taping of the printouts for me. My biggest complaint about the pattern is that the lining and the front and back bodice pieces are printed out as separate pattern pieces. What a waste of paper, ink, time and scotch tape. There is a scotch tape shortage somewhere, I'm sure! It seems that all you would have to do is notate that you gotta whack two or three inches off the bottom of the hem of the lining. Other than that, the pieces are identical. And I didn't even use the lining! Anyhow...
I picked up some mystery knit fabric from Walmart for $1.00 a yard so I could make a muslin. What I really want to make is a variation on The Selfish Seamstress' faux fur pullover. (*sigh* Remember when she used to blog?) But I thought I'd try and make a wearable muslin first. I know, I know, I never do that. Another first.
It turned out, meh. The sleeves are fluttery. Not sure if it's a result of the sleeve being two pattern pieces with a seam going right down the shoulder or if it's just because the knit is so flimsy on account of being $1.00 a yard.
This is how long/high/deep the cowl is. In case you were wondering. Also in case you were tired of looking at my face. The kangaroo pocket got all wonky. I didn't pre-wash/pre-shrink the interfacing. Oops. So when I washed it, it turned all crumply and stupid. Which is okay if I never take my hands out of my pockets.
And there's my face doing some crazy eyes. Also, those fluttery sleeves. Not cool. And the shoulders have a tendency to slide forward so the front hem is long and the back hem is short. Also not cool.
This is how wide it ended up being. So wide. I think I will actually wear this out of the house if I take in the sides. A lot. And if I can figure out how to fix the sleeves from being so fluttery.
And here is what it looks like with a light-colored shirt underneath. I really like the cowl on this tunic, but I'm not a big fan of the ties. They kind of get in the way when I lean over. I don't like to make it a habit of cleaning, but I did happen to clean the toilet one day while wearing this tunic, and these ties could have been the means to certain death! I could have been sucked all the way in like a ghoulie. For real.
All in all, it's not a terribly bad top. Especially for a muslin that cost me about $2.00 to make, if you count the cost of printing the pattern. It was nice to have a short-sleeved warm(er) thing to wear around the house in the winter months. I already bought the fake fur to make the for-realsy tunic. But now it's Spring and I probably won't get around to making that until Fall. Or Winter. Or whenever.

Also, I'd like to make some sort of promise to be a better blogger, but I would just be lying. Sometimes the thought of blogging actually keeps me from sewing. I thought I might have more success if I started chronicling what I'm sewing day to day with snapshots on Twitter. @chchchooux But I haven't been too good at keeping on top of that either. I gotta figure something out though, because I sure like to have a journal, if you will, of the crap I sew. Also, I really enjoy reading other folks' sewing blogs, and sometimes I do want to join in the community and be a regular blogger. I would also love to have enough stuff sewn up by next May to join in the Me-Made-May festivities I've been seeing all over the sewyblogdom. Only time will tell. I would cross my fingers, but I wouldn't get much sewing done that way.

Happy Stitching!

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