Thursday, May 29, 2014

Raglan Sleeve Knockoff

I made a top yesterday. From cutting out to last fitting all in one day. I even remembered to wash and dry the fabric the night before. Which is pretty much a miracle for my ADD sewing habits. I have about fifteen projects started and I keep losing interest or getting frustrated so I put things on hold start something else.
I found the shirt pictured below at a local Target store, and I liked the way the shoulders and sleeves fit so much that I took it home. The shirt's hips did not fit my hips at all. Plus, I could see that it was cut a little off grain so I decided to make a pattern from it.
So I used some "pattern ease" and a pencil and I traced out all the seams. Tracing the sleeves was the trickiest part.
It took me probably an hour and a half to trace out the entire shirt. I had to do the sleeve a couple different times before I got it right. And even after sewing up the whole shirt, I went back and retraced the pattern pieces and included all the changes I made as I basted and fit the shirt on myself.

Of course, I added some extra inches around the hip area and got this, below.
I paid about $14 for the fabric which I found at JoAnn's in the red tag section. Above, is the fit of the shirt before finishing the neckline and before hemming the sleeves or the bottom.
Above left, is the original neckline that I traced out. I basted on the black edging and then decided that I wanted to drop the neckline one inch lower. Above right, is after I cut out that extra inch. I like it much better.

And that's it. The original shirt with the narrow hips got returned to the store. I wore the one I made as I returned it just to spite the stupid shirt. I think I really like this one. It's a little bit sheer so I'll be wearing a light tank underneath it. And if I come across the right fabric, I may just make another one for myself.
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Reba said...

So cute! Nice work, Charith.

Rishi said...

I love that shirt. I tried on a similar one when Marcia was here. I gotta figure out how to get some fabric like that. My JoAnns is mostly a quilting store. But I want a shirt like that. I started on a skirt recently. I was going to do a shirt, but this skirt has been in the plans for months so I did it instead. Good Job Charith. I love it.