Saturday, May 31, 2014

New Top

I made a shirt today. I cut it out last night and sewed it up today.

I used Simplicity 1463 and cut out view A in a size S. For my own notes: I took a half inch off the shoulders. I ended up taking it in about an inch from the armpit through the waist, graduating out to the hip. I didn't use the pattern for the neck band, but I did it another way. Measure the neck opening (I got 23.5), subtract one inch (22.5) and cut out a strip 2" wide (22.5 x 2), sew the ends together, fold it in half, and that's the neck band. Divide the band into quarters and mark it. Divide the neck into quarters, mark it, and then stretch/ease it in. I always baste it in first before I serge it up. Just to make sure it looks okay first.

I found this fabric at Sandy's Fabrics. I love the way it drapes. It's so stretchy and feels so silky-ish. I think it was $9 or $10 per yard. After laundering it, I noticed that it wasn't printed or woven straight. So I had to cut the pattern pieces out of the center of the fabric and waste the edges. Boo. I was hoping to also get some girls size 8 leggings out of it for Afton. Maybe I can still squeeze something else out of it besides the baby bloomers I made.

Trying to decide on short sleeves or long sleeves. I ended up going with long and adding the arm band as the pattern calls for.

Neckband done. Sleeves done. Pre-hem, left, and post-hem, right. First I tried a 5/8" hem but I could still see too much of that white stripe at the bottom. It seems to draw too much attention to the hip area so I folded the hem over again, used a twin needle to stitch it up and got the result on the right.

Side view. I like the hem line of this pattern. Shorter in the front and longer in the back.
I lucked out and got the right side matched up pretty well. The left got a little off, but there were no tears shed over it. I think I'm going to like this shirt.

The end.

UPDATE: and this is how I wore it today. 
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Reba said...

Love this! You're on a cute shirt roll!

Anonymous said...

Cute! :) this is Sara