Monday, May 12, 2014

grey maxi skirt

Last Fall I made a skirt. I picked up 1 1/2 yards of "fashion knit" (91% polyester 9% spandex) from JoAnn Fabrics. The label said slub lock knit. Lately I've been noticing unfamiliar terms on sewing blogs such as ponte knit, cotton drill, cotton poplin, voile, and on and on. So I've been trying to pay closer attention to the labels at the fabric store. And it makes me realize that I have no idea what kind of fabrics I'm working with. I just see it in the store and if it feels nice, if it's washable, and under $10/yd I'm in. Even the term, jersey. What is the definition? Is it specific or is it pretty broad? I need to get myself educated. All I know is that I liked this fabric and I wanted it to be a maxi skirt. So I bought it.
But of course, I didn't buy enough for a maxi length skirt. I borrowed a friend's maxi skirt to trace out a rough pattern. And then I realized that I didn't have enough fabric. So I frankensteined the panels in the front in order to make it work. I actually like it better this way though. It's not a mistake, it's a design element! Yep, just keep telling yourself that.
The seams are a little wonky. I doubt anyone but me notices. It was a really fiddly fabric to cut straight. So I tried to straighten it out as I serged it and just let the blade cut off the excess. It wasn't my finest sewing moment. Every now and then I get so impatient and just want it to be done so I just slop it together.
 I wore this skirt for a few months without hemming it. I couldn't decide how I wanted to finish it. And then the sewing gods inspired my friend, Lindsay, to give me four skeins of grey serger thread. Coincidence? I think not. Perfect.
After wearing it a few more months, some of the seam junctions (circled in red above) are coming undone. Big frowny face. Lesson learned: use a wider stitch. Duh. I made this skirt almost completely on my serger. I think the only spot I used my sewing machine was to zig zag the elastic together in a circle before encasing it. This is seriously the most comfortable skirt. It can be dressed up or dressed down and I love that. I do have to keep an eye out for busted seams which is a bummer, but also easy to repair.

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