Thursday, May 15, 2014

cowl neck scarf top

So, back in August of 2012 I started a top. I made it out of a yard of beautiful, flowy, sheer, scarf-like woven fabric that I bought at JoAnn Fabrics in the red tag section. And by woven, I mean that it is not stretchy. Did I use that woven term correctly? Nerd-alert! I stashed the fabric away for at least a year because I didn't know what to make from it. But then I came across McCalls 6604 and decided it was a match. 
 Belted and unbelted. Not in that order.

side view

 Belted back view. Notice the horizontal seam across the back yoke and the vertical seam center back? That's not part of the pattern. That's what happens when you try to squeeze a bias cut shirt out of a yard of fabric. Frankenstein-o-rama. I wonder if I will ever make anything that isn't frankensteined together.

One thing that isn't working for me with this top is that it shifts forward all.the.time. Super annoying. And it also has these weird puckers at the back arm hole area. You can't tell on the back left in the above picture because my arm is cocked. But you can kind of see it on the back right arm hole. I can anyway. And it looks stupid! Pretty sure it's because at the time I cut it out, I didn't know what a FBA was or I didn't care, so as a result I didn't make any adjustments to the front pattern piece. That's unfortunate because I really like this fabric. A lot. And I don't want it to be a wadder. But I don't love the sleeves/arm holes as is. I originally hand basted temporary finishes at the arm holes. I couldn't decide whether to add the cap sleeves or leave them off. Also, I didn't hem the bottom for over a year, and once it began to fray in the back I couldn't wear it anymore until I decided how to treat the sleeves and hem.
But once I got my hands on that grey serger thread I mentioned in my last post, I finally had a solution for the finishing of the edges. That sounds like an olympic event: The finishing of the edges. I did a good old rolled hem with the serger. 

So this top is kind of done. I still think it's a little too long. Maybe I'll shorten it one of these days. Sometimes I think I'd like to add some rouching with a bit of elastic at the side seams. But I did french seams everywhere and I don't want to muck that up with some cheap looking elastic. So, I hardly ever wear it. I mostly just admire it in my closet.
I managed to get enough leftover scraps from that grey maxi to make a little infinity scarf. I quite like these colors together in this photo. Of course I would never wear this scarf with the matching skirt. Too matchy, matchy, plus it'd be a dead giveaway of its homemade-ness.

In other news, my favorite cardigan (silk, thrifted) is coming apart at the cuff. So sad. And I'm not sure how to fix it. Any great ideas?
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