Thursday, March 6, 2014

Jungle Josiah

A few months ago, Goldie and Josiah decided they wanted to design their very own super hero costumes. This is what they drew for Josiah. Later Josiah decided he wanted his off the paper and on his frame. During that time the two of us put our heads together quite often and made changes as we saw fit. That is when added the circle and arrow.
I came up with several other drawings but when we finished, this is what our designing led to:
A double sided cape using tiger skin, and leopard sided costume with a paw print right on the front.
It came together so well. I used a pattern for the shirt, but changed it so much it wouldn't be the same pattern. In fact, I even added a zipper in one of the back shoulder seams.
Josiah brought a paw print home from school and we used that for the JJ symbol on the front of his shirt.
We also went through several versions of his mask and returned to the original in the end, just putting the elastic in different places making it pull the way he wanted it to. So if you see the Masked Crusader swinging through your neighborhood on a secret mission please don't let anyone know Jungle Josiah's mother made his disguise. That would be divulging secrets, ya know?

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charith said...

Very cool. That's so fun that he got to help design it! Nice job, mama!