Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Merry Christmas pjs 2013

I made a mad dash to finish these pjs in time for Christmas Eve this year.
I used this cool app (called Paper) on our iPad to draw this little alien dude pictured above. I wanted to use my machine to embroider an alien to go with the little aliens on this great flannel fabric that was gifted to me, pictured below.
My embroidery software allows me to scan in images and then create an embroidery design from it. Sometimes, trying to get the design just right on the computer makes me crazy. It always takes me longer than I expect it to. But it's usually worth it. This little alien is so fun.
 It's always mesmerizing to watch the machine stitch out the design.

I love the flames shooting out of the bottom of the spaceship.
I used Butterick 5129 for Reid's pjs.
I altered the neckline so it wasn't so wide. Note to self: *Next time I need to lower the rise on the pants a bit. And that would mean I would need to lengthen the inseam.*
For Eli's pajamas I used an embroidery design that I bought from embroideryonline.com. I really like this Mohawk Skull. I used it on a messenger bag I made for Lucas a couple of years ago. I've never bought an embroidery design from any other company. Maybe I should branch out one of these days.

I also used B5129 for Eli's pjs. I have had this skulls & crossbones knit in my stash for at least a couple of years now. I kept saving it for a rainy day, never able to commit to a project on which to use it. I did use a few scraps from it once on another messenger bag that I made for Eli forever ago. But this year I realized that Eli is getting bigger and I figured that I had better use it before he gets any taller or I wouldn't have enough fabric to make anything out of it for him. I love it. Although he hardly ever wears the shirt because he hardly ever wears a shirt, period, when he's inside the house.

I didn't have the pocket or the embroidery finished on Afton's pjs in time. Her pjs also didn't have any buttons or button holes when she opened it on Christmas Eve. But I did eventually get it all done.
I love the color and the border and the silkiness of these pjs. I think they're so fun.
I used Simplicity 8860 for Afton's pjs. I think it's kind of funny that I used a girls' pattern for the boys' pjs and a boys' pattern for Afton's. Fortunately these pjs are pretty unisex.
I used grosgrain ribbon to get fancy with the finishing of the seam at the neck. Unfortunately I couldn't find a color that matched as well as I'd like. Problems: The pocket is super narrow and a little too deep, but she doesn't really use the pocket so it's okay. I used a gold metallic thread for the embroidery. Next time, I would avoid using metallic thread to sew the pocket to the garment. It makes it a little itchy against her skin. I tried fusing a stabilizer to the inside of the garment to cover up the pocket top-stitching, but the stabilizer started to fall off after the first wash. And that was without even running it through the drier.

Anyway, this year's Christmas pajamas were a success. Next year I should start earlier on them so I don't have the freak-out sew-super-quick session like I did this year. Who am I kidding? That's the only way I get things done. Merry Christmas!!
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