Saturday, August 17, 2013

just finished

 I went shopping with Eli the other day while we were on a road trip, and he wanted to buy some of these plaid button-up collared shirts for school. The ones we were looking at were around $25 each. So I promised to make him three or four of them when we got home. I just finished the first one.

I'm not sure how I feel about this 70s collar. It's pretty big. And it flops down too easily. I think I need a pattern that has the collar and the collar stand as two separate pieces. Or I should have lined the collar stand area with an extra piece of very stiff interfacing. This is my first try at a collar like this. Live and learn, right?
I used Simplicity 7780 size 8. This is a pattern that came from my mother's stash. And instead of buying fabric, I used an old shirt of my husband's that I dug out of the trash a couple of years ago. So this shirt is 100% free!!
I used the back yoke from the original shirt to save some work. And I used the original sleeve hems, too.
I miscalculated how wide to cut the front pieces, since the pattern calls for plackets as a separate pieces from the rest of the shirt, and instead, I was using the original placket and buttons. So I had to slice and dice the front, and add the two bias-cut strips you see on either side of the buttons. I actually like it better this way with the diagonal strips.
It's a little big around, but it'll give him room to grow, right? The only thing I did that makes me sad is that I cut the hemline way too short. I like it when the hemline has a curve on the sides, but I got it a little out of control. Dang. Oh well.
One shirt down, three to go.

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Reba said...

So cute! Love this up cycle.

Sara Jolie said...

that's the cool thing about sewing! You can make so many things that otherwise would be very expensive. Great work

Rishi said...

I like it. I have always thought collars would be next to impossible. I should give them a try. You did great.