Saturday, August 24, 2013


From our recent family reunion Goldie brought home one of these much loved Barbies.
It inspired us to take care of this dress. My mother sent it to me years ago. I think she bought it at a second hand shop but I'm not sure.
I was always going to cut it up for a different project, until one day last winter (notice the snow) when Goldie found it and decided she wanted it for her own.
Of course, I had planned to replace this old seventies ruffle with an updated pink one...
until Goldie was inspired by Merida's clothing.
So we cut off and changed up the ruffle and wa-la!
And an end of summer dress was born. Now my husband says I should make a doll dress out the remnant I cut off the dress. Hopefully there isn't snow on the ground by the time I get it done.

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