Sunday, July 7, 2013

in progress

I'm in the process of knocking off this Anthropologie daisy top.
I used Simplicity 6094 (©1973), size 14 to get me started. The only adjustment I made was to take 3/4 inch off the shoulder width so the seams didn't hang over too far. Oh, and I used the sleeve hemline from McCalls 6433 to make it more of a cap sleeve.
Here's where I am so far.
I used some of my husband's old work shirts to test out the band around the bustline. Glad that I'm a fabric pack-rat and that I didn't throw them away.  
Experimenting with the placement of the band.
The placement in the picture below? Not so good. It looks like a wardrobe malfunction. Aside from that, it's just too low. It makes me look droopy(-er than I already am). 
I'm betting that the original Anthro shirt wouldn't work for me even if I wanted to spend $148 on it. It looks like it's made for an A cup. And this girl is far from that. Getting the placement of the band just right can make or break the whole shirt. 
I drafted the pattern for the band. And after I stitched up the blue one above, I wasn't sure that I had the shape quite right. So I re-drafted some of the lines (pictured below) and I like it even less. Boo. I was going to take a picture of both my band patterns, to show you the difference, but It looks like I threw my first one away! Double Boo!! In the future, I promise to never throw pattern pieces away until I am completely done with a project. *sigh*
I'm trying to decide whether or not I should use interfacing on the band. The white fabric is 55% linen/45% rayon and it's pretty flowy. I thought it needed more structure so I used interfacing in the picture below. But I think that made it too stiff. Any opinions and/or advice?
By the time I get done messing around with this thing, I'm gonna wish that I had just spent the $148 and bought the original shirt. Haha! But if I had, I never would have worn it. I'm a sleeve girl. Plus, I'd be afraid to wear a top with that price tag.
This shirt is taking a long time. I'm starting to get weary of it. Maybe I should work on something else for awhile. Something with a pattern that doesn't involve me drafting half of it myself. But I don't dare put it on the back burner either. I don't want it to wind up as a UFO like so many other things I have waiting in my to-sew pile. I want to wear it this July! So I shall persevere! On a positive note, look at how well the back got matched up! You can't hardly tell that it's two separate pieces sewn together.

Take that, stupid Anthro daisy top.
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Sara Jolie said...

ha ha...I know the feelings of being weary of a project but wanting to finish it anyways! you're doing great! you can do it!