Tuesday, June 25, 2013


I made this little bag last week. It was super unfulfilling. I thought it would be cute. And it is cute. But what do I do with it now? I can't imagine what I would possibly use it for. It's so small.  And is it a wristlet or a child's bag or what? These are questions that I did not ask before I bought the pattern. the fabric and lining were gifted to me from my friend, Jen, who recently cleaned out her fabric stash. The zipper was $1.25 and the bag pattern cost me $4.50.
This is the Pattern:
Suzy's Sack published by This & That
The bag was easy enough to put together (not including the two needles I broke on the dumb zipper. Ugh.
Well, lesson learned. I love to look at bags, but I rarely use them. Note to self: Stop buying bag patterns!!
UPDATE: I think I'm going to use this little bag to put sewing "stuff" in when I'm taking a project on the road. It's a hefty little sack that (hopefully) won't let scissors or seam rippers poke through too easily.

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