Monday, March 18, 2013

St. Patty's Bow Ties

 St. Patrick's Day was Sunday this year and I didn't realize until Sunday morning that my boys don't own a single green thing to wear to church. So I hurried and made two more bow ties for my two boys. I let them pick out the fabric from my stash. Reid chose the stripes. Eli chose the frogs. I used the frog fabric years ago to make a blanket for Eli's bed so he thought he was pretty funny wearing his bed to church.

 Reid's stripes match Afton's stripes. I made her dress a year ago but I never blogged about it.

Sometimes these nerds are hard to take pictures of. They were in full on crazy mode.
And who taught her to make this duck face??
Kirk snapped my favorite one.

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Sara Jolie said...

so cute! nice work...Sunday is crazy for me. I could never just whip something up for them to wear the day of!