Monday, March 4, 2013

made & mailed: a t-shirt

Have you seen that facebook post that goes around at the beginning of every year? You know, the one that says something like... "Pay it forward: I promise to make something homemade for the first 5 people who comment on my post. You must then post this on your status and make something for the first 5 people who comment on your status. The rules: it has to be handmade by you and they must receive it before the year ends. It can be as simple as making a friend an italian soda or as elaborate as a quilt."
Anyway, I fell for it in 2012. I signed up on the wall of one of my cousins who happens to be an artist. And I received a very cool piece of art from her before 2012 was up. But I didn't even come close to getting mine sent out before 2012. March of 2013 isn't too bad, though is it? Well, here's what I made for my friend, Rebekah, who signed up on my fb wall.

 It was inspired by this t-shirt (via mad mim) below, which I pinned, and then Rebekah commented on how much she liked it. So I thought I'd give it a whirl.
 I bought the fabric at JoAnn Fabrics. Their stretch lace selection is quite small. Quite. The "lace-looking" fabric I ended up using wasn't even lace. It was just this weird melt-able (be careful, Rebekah! Don't iron it!!) stretchy stuff that I found in the red-tag section.
 I used Burda 3197, style B, for the pattern. Pretty easy and straightforward. I didn't do a facing around the neck. Instead I used this tutorial that I also pinned here. A couple of rows of top-stitching ought to keep the neckline laying flat. I hope!!
I forgot to leave a seam allowance for the color blocking and instead I just cut out the t-shirt front and back as the burda pattern calls for. I had enough fabric to cut it up and do it like the inspiration t-shirt, but I was too lazy. So I used a length of cream/ivory lace from my stash to cover up the raw edge on the diagonal cut across the shirt. The lace just made the fancy level of this t-shirt go up a notch. Or two. Ooh, la la!!

I wanted to get this project done and mailed before we moved. Success! It's now in the hands (or on the body) of Rebekah. Anyway, I finally gave myself a deadline to finish this project because I didn't want it to get lost at the bottom of a pile of who knows what during the move. But now we're in our new house and today I even unpacked my Bernina, plus I started setting up a little sewing corner for myself. What to do next? I'll try to get pics taken in the near future of the other items I made for the facebook pay-it-forward thing-a-ding. Let's get 2012 over and done with already! It's March of 2013, for crying out loud! Procrastination is my middle name.
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Sara Jolie said...

nice! the collar looks like it came from a store! you rock

Reba said...

Love it. The collar is still flat after a wear and a wash. It fits like a dream. And you have my solemn promise never to iron it or most of my other clothes. :)
PS: I totally forgot about that Facebook post. But I'm glad you didn't renege.