Tuesday, March 19, 2013

How many buttons

My Pfaff has been shipped off to Tennessee somewhere and I am missing it desperately.  The place I sent it could not fix it so I'm hopping along with my Singer. I've made a couple of things that I want to share with you, but I've got to photograph them first. In the meantime, can you guess how many buttons are in my button jar?
Josiah let the kids at school count them. He told me he wanted to win the contest. He said a classmate brought in 159 buttons and he wanted to see if we had more. He said that everybody else had brought theirs to school in baggies but it would probably be okay if I sent mine in the jar. So I did. I told him not to be disappointed if we didn't "win."
Obviously I am not good at making estimates. There were 292 buttons. Josiah won bragging rights! And today I added eight more.We are up to 300. Now, please sewing machine, please come home to me. I've got a whole list of things for you to do.

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