Sunday, February 17, 2013

While my Machine is on Vacation

My sewing machine is on vacation. It's getting the spa treatment at my nearest fix it shop. So today I bring you pictures of what I've been doing otherwise...

At home, we made valentines for the boys and girls in my children's classes.

The girls' read: Hoping you have a "Bow-tastic" Valentines Day. (yes, I made the bows)

The boys' read: CAN't you see I'm "Bugged" out for you Valentine! (no, I did not make the bugs)

We've been on the go too, with brothers sharing more than I'd like.

At school, we've made monster valentine boxes. Lots of fun and work for this mama.

Thanks goes to my niece for the awesome monster she made that inspired these creations.

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Reba said...

So cute! I love that you made bows. Lucky kids.