Saturday, February 9, 2013

just made: pirate ship t-shirt

I made a new t-shirt for this boy today. He is growing, but his clothes are not.
 Reid picked out this design about a month ago. He wanted a pirate ship on a messenger bag. I haven't got around to making the bag yet, but this is a good start, right? 
 Kirk was throwing out a few of his old t-shirts and I saved them from the trash so I could make little boy t-shirts out of them. Here's what the front/back pattern ended up looking like. I used a 5T rtw t-shirt from Eli's closet as a template.
 I realized that I could hardly read the "Arghh Matey" text, so I actually sat down while the boys watched other people play minecraft on youtube and embroidered (by hand!!! say what?) all around the edges of the letters so they would stand out. This is totally not the old me. For some reason, in the past six months or so, I have finally started to enjoy sewing crap by hand. Who knew? I always despised it before.

The grey fabric got a bit rumpled and bumpy during the stitch-out process. Boo. I ran out of spray adhesive and I thought pinning it down would work. I thought wrong. Knits are so picky! Bummer. And the biggest bummer: check out the little red arrow above, pointing to a hole in the fabric. Arghh, indeed!! I nicked a hole in it while I was trimming embroidery threads. Sad face. Angry face. Acceptance face. There. I've gone through the stages.
 Finished. I bought the embroidery design on sale, and the t-shirt fabric was saved from the trash, so this shirt cost about $4.99. That sounds like a good deal to me! I had to bribe Reid with chocolate chips to go outside to take this picture. Some days he loves the camera. Some days he does not. I won't tell you the ridiculous things I was saying just to get a smile out of him. But smile, he did. That face makes me happy.
I gotta stop sewing for these little kids and start sewing something for myself, already. Dang kids.

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Sara Jolie said...

super cute! impressed face ;)

Chelsea Dyreng said...

That little guy looks like he is really fun to tickle.

Very nice ship, Charith.

Now go make yourself something for spring...