Saturday, January 26, 2013

nothing fancy

I didn't make anything fancy this week. Not even anything you can wear. But I made stuff, nonetheless.

I made french bread for the first time! It was really easy and really tasty. I got this recipe via Kim Robison via Cindy Powell. Try it. You'll like it.

I bought this basket a few months ago to put our library books in. I had to buy a new one because one of my boys puked in the last one. Maybe he mistook it for a garbage can? Good thing we didn't have any of the library's books in it at the time. We ended up throwing away a few of our barfed-on books and the old basket.
The new basket didn't come with a fabric liner like the old one did. The books were really beating up the inside of the basket and making a mess, so today I made a liner out of some IKEA fabric given to me by Lindsay.
Hooray! I can finally mark this project off of my to-do list. Non-wearable sewing projects usually aren't as fun for me. But this will get a lot of use and will hopefully extend the life of my new basket. I can't believe how much those cost!! It's a bunch of straw, for cryin'!
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Sara Jolie said...

way cute. Sorry about your old basket. Not cool

Chelsea Dyreng said...

Your bread looks so yummy. And your basket is definitely does not look like a place to throw up in. Super cute fabric.

I love to look at all of your cool projects, Charith! You are a creative genius.