Tuesday, January 1, 2013

New Year's Dress

 This is my wearable interpretation of a disco ball. Or the New Year's ball that drops every year at Times Square. I made it around New Year's of 2011. So, I'm a little late posting it. What's new?
 I saw this silvery pleated fabric and I immediately had to have it. I would never want to wear it myself, but Afton loves all things shiny so I figured she would like it. I didn't want the hem stitches to show so I made it into a bubble skirt. I love these two colors together. The purple and grey are so nice, I think.

I just sort of made up the design as I went along. I borrowed pattern pieces from other dresses to make sure I was on target for the neck line and the sleeves. I like the square neck, but I don't like the way the box pleats at the neckline turned out. I either should have had the box pleats continue to the waistline instead of turning into gathers. Or I should have done gathers at the neck and gathers at the waist. Also, I had never worked with pleated fabric like this before, so next time I'll be more careful about keeping all the pleats nice and neat instead of opening them up and gathering them at the waistline.
This is one dress that Afton really seemed to like. She wore it until it got too short. I guess I'll aim for the shiny fabrics for her a little more often. Happy New Year, everyone!!
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Sara Jolie said...

very cute. I love the pleats