Wednesday, January 2, 2013

just made

During the holidays they had a sale over at 
So I bought a collection of ten felt finger puppet designs.
I was just going to make three today. The bunny, the fox, and the bear.
 But we got wild and added the bluebird.
And then one more... the red cardinal.
I figure I should stop now since I should have started making dinner about an hour ago...
 Edit: I used my embroidery machine to make these. I didn't do a stitch by hand.
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Sara Jolie said...

oh my goodness...those are insanely cute!!!! Did you make these by hand?

charith said...

Thanks Sarah! I thought they were pretty cute too. I didn't make them by hand. I made them using the embroidery module attached to my bernina.

Rishi said...

I think the birds and the fox would look awesome on a skirt. Those are cool.