Thursday, December 13, 2012


Yesterday Eli wanted me to make him a snowman that he could stuff with polyester fill.  I found a site ( with patterns for spheres. Three peices to ten peices per sphere. I tried the three peice pattern. I used an old knit crib sheet and we didn't stuff the spheres very full, so maybe that's why they turned out looking a little more like footballs rather than spheres. Eli didn't seem to mind though.
This morning we finished our snowman friend. Eli was pretty surprised when he saw the little felt hat I made for him. 
I wasn't quite as creative when it came to the nose. I probably should have cut out a little cone nose and stuffed it. It looks pretty flat and fakey. But then, so do those seams. I thought Eli was going to turn them all inside out before he stuffed them. Oh, well. It was a fun little diversion and Eli was in heaven helping me make something he dreamed up.
Later, I found the snowman and Dog Sprout having band practice. They're going to rock at the Ornament Exchange Party coming up...
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