Monday, December 3, 2012

just made

Yesterday morning I woke up and decided that Afton really, really needed a new dress. Immediately. All her dresses are getting so small on her. She must be having some growth spurts because she suddenly reminds me of this:
All leg and hardly no dress.
I only had a couple of hours to make a dress, so I had to hustle. I used some left-over fabric from a previous project (bought forever ago in a Walmart's fabric section for $1/yd), plus a contrasting fabric and matching ribbon.
 Here's the best picture I have of the original dress. I made this one at least four years ago using Simplicity 3743. It's a pattern for a shirt, but I just extended the hem and turned the skirt into an A-line. This picture above was taken with a crappy cell phone camera in an emergency room. She was waiting to get stitches in her forehead after she tried to fly from one bed to another. Oh, the memories...
 I used the same pattern on this shirt-dress. I was glad it came together so quickly. I started and finished it before church. So glad I have a serger. It sure makes working with knits easy and fast.

I barely had enough fabric to make this dress. I had to frankenstein the back bodice and back skirt together. I really like this dress design because it will take her a long time to grow out of it. It's super stretchy and it will probably fit her sideways longer than it will fit her lengthwise.
 Crazy kids.
 I should really get this girl a pair of white tights that actually fit her. Those are some wild ankles!
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Sarah Russell said...

so cute! you are amazing!

Rishi said...

I love it. Makes me want to get out the thirty dollar serger I purchased a few months back. It came with no instruction manual or anything. Can you come over and teach me what to do? Next week would be great. What do you think?

Chelsea Dyreng said...

I have never heard the word frankenstein used as a verb. I will have to work that into my vocabulary tomorrow. Love the dress, Charith, and I cannot believe you started and finished it before church! You are getting really good at this sewing stuff, sister. My favorite photo is the top one...what a great model she is! Great job!