Monday, November 26, 2012

just made

This is kind of a terrible picture, but with the sun never coming out these days, I'm afraid if I wait for better picture-taking conditions, I'll never get around to posting it.
Yesterday, I came upon Afton trying to stuff both legs into one leg of her brand new tights. Str-e-e-e-tch. Elephant knee alert! When I asked her not to do that, she got pretty upset and claimed that I wasn't letting her use her imagination and she'll never be able to use her imagination again. Wow. The damage. So we busted out some knit fabric we picked up (for free) at a swap meet recently and made an impromptu mermaid tail for her.
It was super easy and super fast. She laid down on the fabric, I traced her legs with chalk, sketched out a tail at the bottom, serged the sides together and added a wide elastic at the waist. I cut a slit in the back where her feet can poke out. I used a circle of grosgrain ribbon to reinforce the edges of the slit so it wouldn't tear or stretch out. The kids helped me stuff the tail with polyester batting and I stitched a few lines through the thickness to mimic the look of fins. The project took maybe 90 minutes from the time I stole her imagination to end of project.
The rest of the evening was spent listening to our new mermaid hop around the house and splash in the imaginary sea, wailing to her brothers that she needs a prince to save her or kiss her or something mermaidy.  Looks like her imagination is still intact.


Sarah Russell said...

hewf! that was a close one! ;) Sooooo cute! Totally putting this on my enormous list of things to copy!

Rebekah said...

I'm so doing this, imagination stealer.