Thursday, October 18, 2012

I love to cut! 4 Times.

The cutting all starts with a copy for me. Last year when I made this original Superman costume for Stuart I got the symbol off the internet. This year, when he said he wanted to be Superman again, I simply copied the cape. Then I cut it out. Cut number 1.
Next, I used double sided interfacing scraps as well as fabric scraps to cut out the outline of the entire symbol. Notice, the symbol is upside down. I did this in both yellow and red. Cut numbers 2&3.
The interfacing looks like this. This brand comes with pieces of paper on both sides. The side that is stickier I stuck to the wrong side of the fabric. Then the protective paper, and the final layer is the pattern, upside down. So I cut four layers at once.
So far I've cut out the symbol outline on red and yellow in four layers. Next I flip the red over and put the pattern right side up on top this time and cut out the "S" shape. Cut number 4.
With the pattern gone I am left with three layers. I peeled off the paper and carefully placed the remaining two layers on the shirt. Then I ironed them down. I cover the symbol with an old piece of fabric and use my hottest iron setting. I don't want any melting interfacing on my iron.
 Taking the paper layer off the red fabric, I ironed the "S" right on top of the yellow.
The way I cut out the red and yellow did not exactly match, but it didn't matter because when I zig-zagged around the edges the yellow that peeked out dissappeared. I guess you wouldn't really have to zig-zag around the edges, but it keeps all the little frays in place and gives the symbol a more professional look.
It was a quick sew, but not quick enough for Stuart as he stood by anxiously awaiting its finish. Then he wore it all day except when he was requested by me. (I don't want that costume stained before Halloween!) Now, to get some matching velcro and I'll use the same cape as last year-it's still in pretty good condition.

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