Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Flags Part 2

 My Second Flag
This might just be the flag that I am most proud of. It was made in 2011. The whole camp was centered around a collegiate theme. The young ladies I was sewing for designed the seal of this flag on paper. I blew it up really big at my local Stapes and then proceeded to apply it to the flag.

At the time I had been learning about reverse applique and wanted to try my hand at it. I thought I would do this flag "by hand" but it turned out the sewing machine was my friend. There is a litte bit of applique and reverse applique throughout.
The letters compromise the majority of the reverse applique. The first thing about this seal is I wasn't sure if I should do blue thread around the letters or green. Don't you love my blue "U?" After I did it I felt green would be better and went with that for the rest of the letters. I used one layer of interfacing on this seal and you can tell with such intricate applique that the fabric still went a bit wonky.
That is when I made my big discovery. I had bought some expensive double-sided interfacing to experiment with and I decided to use it on this word Knowledge. I have never had any applique-reverse or otherwise-go on so smoothly.
Finally, the girls asked that I use ties, just like a collegiate flag. I agreed and this is what they looked like. To be honest, I wasn't sure this flag would work or that I was capable of such a feat, but it turned out beautifully and I am glad that I got to make it.

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charith said...

Yep. This one is amazing. Wish you had a few pics of the process, too. I'm having a hard time visualizing how you used the double sided interfacing. School me! :-)