Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Sound of Music Meets Star Wars


I recently used some older curtains to transform my three oldest children into Jedi for a party at our local library.
I used a Japanese pattern that I actually purchased in person in Japan before any of my children were born. It has turned out to be the "most used" of all the patterns I've owned. I added length to the jinbei (traditional Japanese pajamas) shorts and shirts in order to get the Jedi feel.
The crazy thing is that I made both boys costumes exactly the same size. The one on the left grows fast and the one on the right grows slow...some days.
I used the back side of the curtain to turn this gorgeous gal into Leia. We simply slit a hole in the middle, put the fabric over her head and while she held up her arms I cut out a section on both sides. Then I sewed it up and she was ready to go.
The fabric had been sitting around the house for months. I had wanted to dye it but never really got there and it was the perfect match for what the kids wanted. The best part was that I finished this project in one day. It has to be the easiest pattern I've ever used.

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charith said...

very cool, Rishi. My kids are just now getting into star wars. I'll have to put jedi clothes on my to do list.