Monday, September 24, 2012

sew nap time

This boy put himself to bed this afternoon. (Who sleeps inside their pillowcase, btw?) 
I've been itching to sew for the past couple of weeks, but haven't been able to find the time until today. 
I'm completely out of monkey fabric to patch up the knees so I used some left over flannel from this project. The two shades of blue look kind of awful together in this picture, but it'll do the job.
Afton got these hand-me-downs from a cousin and she loves them. But they have a hole in the knee so I set out to patch them up.
I embroidered some cutesy flowers and hearts to sort of tie the patch in to the rest of the pants.
I'll get it sewn on tomorrow.
Or not.
I'm not that happy with how they look. Maybe I'll start over with a different patch.

And an extra bonus... I got some happy mail today! Six leather pattern weights. I can't wait to try them out. Usually, I use salt & pepper shakers or a pair of scissors to hold down my patterns.

UPDATE 09/25/2012: I didn't like that oval patch. I think these two butterflies match all the existing embroidery on these pants a little better than my big fat patch I made. The butterflies aren't homemade, which makes me a little sad. But they needed to get used, right?

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Rishi said...

Okay, so that is totally awesome that you have a kid who puts himself to bed. I love the flower patch, but I understand what you mean about it working with the pants. I got some of those pattern weights too. They are interesting things.