Thursday, September 6, 2012

pirate romper

I made this little romper a couple of weeks ago for my friend, Melanie. Actually, it's for the baby girl she's expecting. It would be a little small for Melanie. har-de-har-har.
I found the embroidery design here. And for the pattern, I used Simplicity 5374 (size XS).
It's always a little bit daunting to me when I get an invitation to a baby shower or birthday party for an artist. (Check out Melanie's etsy shop. Artist-o-rama!) I agonize about what the gift should be and how it should be wrapped, even more than usual, when I know it's going to be for someone who has an artist's eye. But I think Melanie liked it...unless a squeal of delight means something else coming from one of those artsy-fartsy folks. wink, wink.
 I was afraid to make button holes through the layers of fleece + interfacing. You never know what kind of mess a button hole will make out of a bunch of bulky fabric. (Heaven forbid I ever do a test on a sample first.) Plus, I never liked fiddling with buttons while  trying to get a squirmy baby dressed. So I hand-sewed some over-sized snaps on instead and put a couple of buttons on top just for the cuteness factor. I thought it turned out pretty great!

I used fleece so the baby could still wear a little dress in the winter. I remember when my daughter was born it seemed like I was given a truck-load of sundresses that never got worn, because by the time summer came around, she had already grown out of them. The fleece was from my stash. I believe I bought it at JoAnns years ago, but never made anything with it til now. The snaps and buttons I bought from Walmart. I waited til too late at night to finish it, so it was the only store that was open. I was less than thrilled at the selection of buttons there. I'm still not in love with the shade of purple I used, but it works.
 I also last-minute-made this banner for the baby shower. Melanie's colors for her baby's room are turqoise/teal and red. I used this project as an excuse to run out and buy two new rulers from my local Bernina store: a bias triangle and a 30ยบ triangle. I seriously made this banner in less than 15 minutes. That includes cutting and sewing it together. Now, I won't claim that it's my finest work. But when you start a project 20 minutes before the baby shower begins, you gotta do what you gotta do.
Plus, I love any excuse to buy more gadgets.
Happy incubating, and happy pushing, Melanie!
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Rishi said...

Very Cool. I like them all.

Lori said...

Thanks for linking up. I Like to see what you make. I'm envious of your embroidery machine. It would be such a fun toy to have.