Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Flag Days Part 1

Over the last few years I've made three flags for a group of girls who attend my church. They go camping each summer and are required to bring a new flag each year. The young ladies usually design the layout of the flag and then ask me to make it for them.

This is the only actual "at camp" photo I have of any of the flags. The blue flower was the offical camp flag. It was first one I made. (the red and black flag was something I also made which they requested for just this one year).
The girls are assigned a color each year that is attached to a value they study. The first year was blue. We all felt this was easy, because we are located in a town called Bluefield and so our flag must always posess some form of blue, whether or not that is our assigned color. To make this flag I cut out quilt blocks from my stash and used this dragon fly fabric as the backing. I LOVE this fabric and keep trying to convince the girls to give the flag back to me so I can cut up the back and make something else from it. I've had no success yet.
Surrounded by flower petals, I placed the word Bluefield in the center of the flag with a blue fabric marker. I did not realize it was going to turn green because-blue and yellow make green. Duh! That was my one big dissapointment that I am happy to say has never happened again. (Aren't my kids so small? This was taken in 2009. My how they have grown!)
Finally, I used another technique that was new to me at the time. Grommets. My husband figured out how to hammer them in. I zig-zagged around it hoping to keep it from teaning, but I don't think I needed to worry. When I was finished I oooed and ahhed over this project for weeks. And it was worth it, because out of the eight or nine groups that went to camp this flag won first place. (I'll share the two more flags in future posts.)

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charith said...

sweet flags, Rish!! It looks like a lot of hard work. I keep meaning to make a little quilt with spots for 15-18 kids to sit on for the nursery at our church. I think it would help with story time and lesson time. But I haven't even started designing it yet. Lazy, lazy me.