Wednesday, September 5, 2012

bow tie bandwagon

So I finally hopped on the bow-tie bandwagon.
My SIL, Dewi, and her three great kids came for a visit. (Hooray!) We decided to make a couple of bow-ties. One for my three year-old boy and one for her little boy who just turned one.
Unfortunately, due to wiggliness of boys and forgetfulness of moms, we have no pictures of the two little cousins together in their matching bow-ties. Boo.
 We used this tutorial to make them. And we only used fabrics from my stash, so the bows cost absolutely nothing. Free is my favorite kind of project!
 It was such a quick and easy project. And it turned out pretty cute, too.
It makes him look like a little Orville Redenbacher.
Minus the popcorn.
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Sarajolie said...

way's a good band wagon to join! ;)

Rishi said...

Fun Bow Ties. Does he wear them a lot? Do they enjoy them? I have a hard time getting Josiah to wear a tie.