Tuesday, September 11, 2012


Last week I completed a project that got me fired up in a new creative direction. I altered a pattern to make a dress for a new friend of mine.  She needed a white dress and we could not find the right thing. So I bought a simple pattern that we both agreed on and went to work….but I got nervous.
 You see I’ve altered patterns before, but it has always been for my own child and it was something that I could check many times to see if it fit, worked, or didn’t if the case may be. But this was monumental for me. She wouldn’t be there whenever I called her. So I started by trying to do what I usually do. Add inches here or there where I thought it would help or work.
I cut it out as a “mock-up.” I held it up to myself and knew it would not work. I tried again, and again, and again. I became frustrated. So I waited as long as I could and called Charith who has been doing this for awhile. She gave me some suggestions. With her help and a little research on the internet I went at it again. This time, in one try, I came up with a decent mock up. I called my friend and she came over and tried it on.
I made adjustments, added a zipper and cut out the dress in the “real” fabric. When I took it over to her house to try on the real thing, it worked! It was awesome. I finished it up and the only real disappointing part was the neckline. Next time I'll have to do a little better with that. But I was grateful it didn’t turn out looking strange. It was fun! Now…what else can I alter…I want to try this out on myself…Oh yeah, I’m seven months pregnant. I’d better wait three or four months and get some real measurements. I am so looking forward to it.

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