Tuesday, September 18, 2012

After Alterations

After I did alterations I was hungry to sew more. I knew it couldn't be clothing, but I wanted to make something pretty. So I made these. I was pleased by how good they actually looked when I was finished.

These grocery bag holders were requested and it was proposed that I needed a way to make sure the opening stayed easily accessible. I checked in with a few tutorials online and came up with the idea to use quilted batting on the top. So I did that for the first bag.
I just had fun taking pictures.
On the second bag I decided to try a suggestion. I measured a half gallon ice cream container and it turned out to be 18 inches around. So I cut an inch off of it and sewed it in the top of the the blue bag to keep it open. It worked out even better than the quilted batting for keeping the top open.
I added some leaf quilting just to make it pretty and sent them off. It was a fun project which took just one afternoon.

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