Tuesday, August 7, 2012

in progress

This is what I'm working on.
McCalls 6604, view A.
But I'm stuck for now. I'm completely out of grey thread and I can't decide what to use for the sleeves or how much to cut off of the bottom before I hem it up. It looks way too long.

Plus, I want to make this out of this before Friday afternoon.
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Rishi said...

I like the shirt. Did you get it done? I am making a baptismal dress today if I can make it to JoAnns. I took a look at the patterns at Wal-Mart this week and really like some of the current styles. (I don't necessarily like the colors they choose for the rack, but love the style in the book.) I am just wishing for a sooner rather than later end to this pregnancy because it makes me want to sew some of them up.