Wednesday, August 1, 2012

birthday pajamas

This girl recently had a birthday.
  And these are the pajamas I sewed for her.

Pattern: Butterick 5129 (with modifications)
Fabric: 100% cotton knit
Total cost: ~$9.25

 She chose the fabric. I embroidered the Afton "Super 7" design on the front.
I think the shirt is a couple of inches too long. But just a couple.
 So here is the problem I had with this shirt... The neckline. I used Butterick 5129 as my pattern. The last time I used this pattern, I thought the neck was a little wide. So this time, I added an inch to an inch-and-a-half to the pattern all around the neckline. That way the shirt won't shift off-center while she's wearing it.

My problem was this: Now that I had messed with the neckline, the original neckband pattern peice was too big. I found a t-shirt neckband tutorial online (which I pinned for later reference) and came up with the result above.

It was kind of awful. It stood up straight instead of laying flat against her skin. It didn't have hardly any stretch to it at all. It was lame. So I looked for more neckband tutorials and spent an hour unpicking two rows of topstitching and a round of serger stitches. Ugh. That's when I realized that I had cut the neckband on the wrong grain!!! No wonder it didn't stretch very much! No wonder It looked so terrible. I'm glad that I made this mistake, though. After reading other tutorials and watching a couple of video tutorials, I learned so much more. And look at the result below!
 So much better, huh? It lays down like it should! Hooray!

 It doesn't shift off-center even while she's running!

And now she can swing off into the sunset with a decent neckline. That's all any super-hero wants anyway. 
(But that top is still a bit too long...)
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