Thursday, July 12, 2012

Well, of course it's the VERY LAST minute.

So we just had the Fourth of July. I hope yours was good too. On another sewing project about a month ago, the kids and I discovered glow-in-the-dark thread. I didn't know they made such things. We all decided they needed something that glowed on the evening of the fourth.
Of course on the evening of the third, there I sat cutting out stars and sewing on stripes. Stuart wanted stripes, he would have it no other way. I got up bright and early on the fourth and before any of the kids could eat a bite we ironed on their stars. (see in the picture above NO thread around the stars-last minute Rishi at her best!)
They were not allowed to eat in their shirts all day without an apron. I didn't want to sew glow in the dark thread on dirty shirts.

By the time it was dark everyone's glow in the dark thread was finally applied, but their shirts were now too dirty to take pictures of. They enjoyed running around in the dark showing off their glowing thread because it was too dark to see the dirt. But the thread doesn't photograph well, so you don't get any glowing pictures. Sorry.
And of course it was the 10th of July before we finally did a photo shoot. The kids are pictured here with their 4th of July shorts which I made for last year. The shorts all still fit except for Ammon's.

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charith said...

I love the big bright stars! And I love Stuart's stripes, too. Great post. And talk about last minute? I woke up on the 4th and thought, "Oh crap! It's the 4th!" I completely forgot to sew anything this year for Independence Day. Not a stitch! So Afton just wore her fireworks dress from two years ago. Oops.