Tuesday, July 31, 2012

swatches from my stash

I have been meaning to take inventory of my fabric stash. I have been meaning to get organized. I have been meaning to do a lot of things. Well, this is my first step. I didn't take pics of all the fabrics in my stash. I just took pics of the fabrics that I want to use up because I either love them and want to wear them, or because I can't stand them and want them out of my stash. Either way, I want to make something out of each one of these fabrics by the end of this year. I just don't know exactly what yet.

I am loving grey right now. I found four grey knits recently (above & below). Two of them are going to be shirts: a circle shirt & a t-shirt. And two of them are going to be some sort of dress. The fleur de lis one might be a maxi, the dark grey stripes might be any thing on my stripes pinboard

I think I meant to use these two fabrics above on some variation of Simplicity 2724.

These two blue & white fabrics I also bought for $1/yd. The blues aren't exactly the same color of blue, but they're pretty close. Closer than they look in the pics. I was hoping to make a dress using these two prints together. The dots on top, the textures on bottom.

I love this heart knit fabric. So cute for a little girl. I think I was going to use it for a 4th of July dress this year, but I had forgotten what was in my stash! Both the hearts & stripes I bought for $1/yd.

I promised Eli & Reid that I would make them cowboy shirts out of this red one.

For the life of me, I don't recall what made me buy this fabric. I paid a $1/yd for it, but today that seems a little steep. This, to me, is kind of ugly. I think I was going to make a summer pencil skirt for hanging out in the park. Ugh. It will be a challenge to make it into something that I'll actually wear.

What's in your stash?
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