Monday, July 30, 2012

skirt progress

A couple of weeks ago I started working on a new skirt. I saw a link to this skirt on this blog post and later on this post, and I had to make it. My friend, Rebekah, had given me 5yards of this fabric as a birthday present almost two years ago. I loved the color, but it's a pretty stiff fabric so I wasn't sure what to make from it until I got thinking about the Deceptively Skinny Patchwork Skirt. I thought I'd use this grey fabric to make a muslin. And ridiculous me, I can't just make a muslin out of muslin. I've got to make it so I can actually wear it. I decided to use a different patchwork design than the one shown on the original skirt. That way, I can still make the black and white one just like the original. Anyway, I used my handy quilting book, Quilter's Complete Guide, to figure out how to peice together this design. I believe it's called a Log Cabin?
 Here's my Log Cabin strip.

For the pattern for the actual skirt, I drafted a skirt block couple of years ago using this site. I used my self-drafted skirt block as a template, and made a few alterations to get the panel in the front to be curved. I think it's more slimming with the curves, rather than having a straight rectangular patchworked peice down the front.

 And here it is so far. I actually have it hemmed now. And I even basted the waist down so I could wear it to church two weeks ago. It was so close to being finished, I couldn't help myself. I wore a white square-neck blouse (tucked in) and a chocolate brown leather belt at the waist to cover up my unfinished waistline. Ha! No one even knew. I may never finish a waist again!

 And here's the back view. After the photograph, I messed with the accordian folds. (I have no idea if there's a technical term for all of those pleats, but I'll call them accordian folds.) Even after pressing the crap out of them, they were still hanging funny at the hem-line. So I top-stitched the underside of every single fold. It took quite awhile, but it was worth it. I like them much better now than in this picture. Unfortunately, I haven't taken an after-shot yet.

So what still needs to be done on this skirt? I'm going to rip out the black invisible zipper and go put in a grey one instead. It's not bad on the dress form, but when I wear it, the zipper seam gapes open (just barely) and it looks like a black crack right where... my crack is. I'd rather have a truly invisible seam there, but I still need to get to the store and buy the zipper first. And I need to put in a real waist band or waist facing. I haven't decided which to do yet. But the hem is all done! I did a blind hem. It turned out okay. I've done hems that were blinder than this one turned out, but it's good enough, and I'm not interested in re-doing it. Anyway, I'll post pics when the skirt is finished.
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Rishi said...

That is really cool. It's beautiful. You are quite the professional. While I love the front, I actually think that doing something like you did with the back makes it complete. It needed something on both sides. It is a period piece without being a period piece and its unique. That is the best part.

Sarajolie said...

holy cow Charith! All of the things you sew are cool but this is amazing!!! You've got mad skills!

Sarajolie said...

holy cow Charith! Your sewing skills are amazing!!!! Wow. Such a great skirt!