Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Monkey Shirt, the Second.

Just finished!
 This is Reid's new monkey pajama shirt. Remember the first one? It used to be new, but after three years of boys wearing it, the poor thing was looking awfully sad.
Here it is was. It's in the garbage now.
 I had an old XL t-shirt from a volleball tournament (that we didn't win, btw) that I was about to throw away. Then I thought maybe I could make a new shirt out of it. I'm glad I saved it. Here's what's left of it. I think I could actually get another shirt out of it. Hmmm...

I used a 3T rtw t-shirt as a pattern and I didn't even bother to make a paper pattern first. So I'm actually surprised that this new monkey shirt even turned out at all. I had some baby blue knit fabric in my stash that I used for the neck. It's not a ribbed knit, so it may get a little flimsy after a few washings. We'll see. But I couldn't stand that old shirt for one more day.
I hope Reid will be able to squeeze his head through the neck hole!

UPDATE: Good news! His gargantuan head fit through the neck hole! The shirt fits great! But it looks like the pants have become high waters. Boo. The crazy kid keeps on growing. I'll be sad when we have to retire these pj's.

ps. This week I also put some knee patches on Eli's monkey pants. They were starting to wear pretty thin. And now I am officially out of monkey fabric. Every scrap is gone. And all that's left is what you see here in the picture below.
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Rishi said...

I love that Monkey Fabric. I may have to go find me some. Stuart has some Monkey PJs we got in a bag and he loves them. When he has to give them up soon he will be sad. Way to go without a pattern at all. Awesome!