Monday, July 9, 2012

her second lesson

 She asked me for another sewing lesson today. Remember these printouts back in the 4-H days? I remember asking our mom to let me sew and she said I had to practice sewing on the lines of some paper printout. Thank goodness for Google or I would have had to find an actual 4-H extention office and that would have been not the way I wanted to spend my afternoon.
 After a few runs on the printouts, she got a little bored with it and wanted to sew on some real fabric with real thread. I included this pic above just so I could always remember how small she looked at the sewing table. She's practically kissing the machine. It doesn't look ideal. Maybe I should get a shorter table out of the garage, bust out the old Kenmore sewing machine and let her learn on that one. I don't know. We'll figure out a system.
She was pretty excited to try out some decorative stitches. She chose a couple of different colors from my embroidery thread and we decided that she could make a pillow out of an old sheet. It's already got straight lines woven into the fabric to help keep her on track. After one line she wanted a break, but I'm sure she'll get back to it tomorrow or the next day. It's exciting for me to see her starting her first couple of projects. I sure hope she likes it and sticks with it. But only when I'm not using my machine. ☺
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