Sunday, July 8, 2012

her first lesson

As I started making dinner tonight, Afton started making a shirt. She asked for some fabric. I gave her an old sheet and a pair of fabric scissors. She didn't tell me what she was making and I didn't offer to help since I had just started making dinner. She cut and cut, and cut some more. And she taped up the sides with scotch tape. Just about when my broccoli was done steaming, she tried to squeeze into the thing she had been cutting and taping. It was a shirt. About the size of a deformed teddy bear. It came apart at the seams and so did Afton. I put down my wooden spoon (for stirring, not for spanking!) and gave her a hug and promised her that I'd help her fix it after dinner.
 And that's what we did. This girl was excited to run the machine. It was the first time I offered to let her try it. She had never shown any interest before, but was always content to just sit and organize the pins in the tomato. I planted the idea, but she decided to make the shirt for one of her bears instead of for herself. She did a really good job on all the seams. She even sewed on one of the peices of velcro entirely by herself, all the while dressed like a ballerina. I should try dressing like a ballerina next time I sew. Maybe it will keep me on my toes. Or something. Lame joke. Lame, indeed.
 We stitched a pretty little flower stitch around the hem. I was guiding the fabric while she pushed the pedal. When we were all done, she didn't even complain when I mentioned that it was bedtime.
 Now that I'm looking at the pictures I can see why. Look at that tired ballerina face. It was a long day at the end of a long, fun week. It's a wonky shirt, but we made it. And that's something.
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