Monday, June 25, 2012

knockoff maxi

Fabric: not stretchy. washable, less than $2
Patterns: For the bodice, I merged two vintage patterns: Simplicity 6048, (which is actually a bathrobe pattern) and McCall's 3579. Plus, I did a FBA, so it was heavily altered.
Notions: elastic, less than $1
Time: made May 2012. It took me about seven hours from start to finish. This includes pattern tracing and re-tracing and adjusting and blah, blah, blah.
Belt: Kohl's

Two months ago I scored a lot of fabric and notions for a super good deal. Sadly, another locally owned fabric store went out of business. But I wasn't so sad that I couldn't shop. I have no idea what this fabric is made up of. I should probably take some sort of a class which teaches me about all the different fabrics out there. Actually, I probably took that class back in my 4-H days when I was a tween. Anyway, this fabric is flowy and not stretchy and inexpensive. Twelve yards for $5.00. That's right.
 A friend of mine, Lindsay, had pinned a dress which I tried to backtrack to find the designer/company who actually makes the dress. No luck. Before it sold out, I remember seeing that the price was well over $500, but I didn't think to notice who it was made by.
 So here's my mystery maxi knockoff. To me, the original looks like it's made from something stretchy. My fabric has zero stretch. I wanted to get in and out of my dress without putting in a zipper so I cut the bodice a little blousier. I do wish I had put in pockets and raised the waistline an inch or two. Plus, I wish I had put in a side zipper and that I hadn't cut the bodice so blousy.

I also wish I had cut the hem right the first time, or the second time, so it wasn't swinging so high above the floor. But at the same time, it doesn't look super bad and it is more practical at its current length. I'd hate to trip over my own hem seeing that my modeling skills are kind of terrible, as exhibited below... and above, for that matter.
All in all, I like this dress. Especially since it cost less than a hamburger. I have one more ~12 yard length of lavendery-purpley-grey-flowery fabric (which also cost me $5) that's waiting to turn into a maxi dress as well. I just can't decide on a design. Thanks to Lindsay for taking fotos for me!
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Rishi said...

What are you talking about...your modeling skills aren't so are a state modeling winner! :-)

charith said...

HaHa! That's right! I forgot all about that. Good ol' 4-H.

donna said...

I love the dress. : )