Friday, January 27, 2012

dog sprout

Introducing Dog Sprout.
 We started making this guy yesterday. Eli wanted me to make him a doll. He gave me all the specs: how tall, what color, and how he wanted the little guy to be standing with his arms just so. So we made our own pattern and set to work.
 He named him Dog Sprout and asked me to sew his name onto a strip of fabric on the back.
 Eli stuffed the arms and legs for me. He also wanted to hand-sew some of the strips on all by himself. I'm all for that! He even learned how to thread his own needle. I'm about ready to open a little sweatshop!

He eventually asked for a guitar for Dog Sprout and now he wants an entire band with a drummer and everything. What have I got myself into?!!

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donna said...

Dog Sprout is awesome.. And I love the pictures...