Thursday, December 29, 2011

Santa's Elves

 Eli said he wanted an Elf suit. I figured the rest of these elves would want one too, so I whipped up three of them. Mass production is kind of fun... this project anyway. (ps, I love my serger. I finished every seam with it and pretty much only used my sewing machine for basting.) I used a super old pattern from the 70s, Simplicity 8860, as a template. I made all three suits the same size. Size 4 is what it says on the pattern. I think I shortened it up a little too much on the big kids' suits. And the collar is a little wonky and off to the side. But that's what you get when I make up my own collar pattern.

Anyway, I started cutting these out on Christmas afternoon and got them all sewn up by noon the next day. That's when Eli looked at me with a sad face and said he wanted his to be green. Oops. I guess I should have consulted him on the color first.
 Oh, well. Afton and Eli wore theirs all day. To a restaurant, to their grandparents' house, and bowling. Reid? He took his off immediately after this picture and hasn't put it on since. Punk elf.
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Rishi said...

Gosh, they look so grown up. Eli looks like his dad for sure. Your sewing is awesome.