Thursday, December 22, 2011

monkey pants forever!

I was given a pair of pajama pants by my roommate sometime back around the year 2000. I loved them because the were so comfy and of course, the cool monkey print on the fabric. I had never heard of Paul Frank or seen any of his merchandise at the time. And I wore these pajama pants until they got too many holes to fix. But I saved them in my stash thinking that someday I'd make a pair of pjs out of them for one of my kids.
I'm only posting this pic as proof that 1.) they were adult sized pants at one time, and 2.) I have ridiculous hackey-sack skills.

This is a picture of Eli back in 2009 in the first pair of pajamas I made out of the original pants. He wore them until he got too big to wear them anymore. Reid has been wearing them for quite awhile now, and the shirt is so stained and starting to look pretty haggard.

Fast forward to this week... I got not one, but two pair of boys' pants out of my old pjs!  Eli was so excited about these pjs he didn't want to take them off. This pic was taken yesterday before I put buttons on it.
Officially finished! With buttons and everything. I really dig these. I think they turned out pretty well. I'm wrapping these babies up and putting them under the Christmas tree. (I'm kind of terrible at surprises.)
Long live my old pajama pants!!
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Rachel Bagley Wurtz said...

I remember you telling me about those monkey pants long long ago. The pjs turned out so cool. And that jump!

Tamsyn said...

I love it!!! I had no idea you kept them!! Super Cute idea and so glad that I could (in a very tiny way) help! :) Miss you!

Rishi said...

Awesome! Monkey PJs are THE BEST!