Saturday, October 15, 2011

bowling for a design

Remember when I posted that I would get caught up? Um... forget about that.
 Yesterday, I bought this bowling set for the kids for $1 at the grocery store. It's teeny. It's going to get lost in less than two days. And that will drive me crazy. I need a bowling bag. Need. You know when it hits you. You just have to waste the entire evening making something that is really super not-important. So I spent this evening making an embroidery design for The Bowling Bag. Because a zip loc bag won't cut it.
Now I need to stitch it out and sew up a little bag for the little bowling set.
I just have to move that mending pile out of the way first.

ps. And I started re-learning how to knit. Again. A great little scarf is in the works.
I hope.
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