Tuesday, September 27, 2011

mending under foot

It seems like I haven't posted anything for.ever. Sometimes the thought of blogging keeps me from sewing. It's so daunting for me to catalogue every stitch I take with photos. My photography skills are limited. Plus I'm pretty slow at actually composing my blog posts. So what I do have is folder after folder stashed away on my computer, full of sewing projects that I've taken pictures of but never blogged about. I just want to keep track of things that I sew for myself. So I can look back at the end of a year and say, Wow, I did a lot. Or, Crap, I didn't do squat. Whatever. So I will try to get all caught up, folders emptied onto this little blog by the end of 2011. How's that for a New Year's Autumn Resolution? I'll get right on it. Tomorrow. Or the next day.
But in the mean time... here's is what I did this morning. New feet on the footie pajamas! These pjs have been through at least three boys. The bottom of the feet were worn threadbare, but from the ankles up, they still had a lot of life in them. And after spending some time on my operating table this morning, they're safe and sound in the donation pile, ready to snuggle up to the next boy in line.
Only four more to go.
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