Saturday, September 10, 2011

Another winner

Did I mention that living in West Virginia means we've just got through the Bible School Season? We went, to my mother-in-law's church. They wear dresses to all such events and I challenged myself to make something for Goldie to wear each night of the school. (Maybe next year I should make the same for me?)
 I went to visit my own mother a few weeks before and we saw a jumper dress in Target that we really liked. Goldie and I decided to model hers off of that one.
After a failed attempt at creating a doll skirt, I went to the internet to find dozens of tutorials on how to make a twirly skirt. I found several that talked about using an old t-shirt. So I went to my closet and found one I'd tye-dyed back in my Jonesborough days. It was a perfect match.
It was a snap to put this together and we both really love it. Maybe I'll have to make one to match...mmm?

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