Thursday, August 18, 2011

Her Pale Yellow Dress

I made this dress last year using Simplicity 2767. And I'm just now getting around to posting about it. I took lots of pictures, but I was never happy with the way they turned out. But Kristin and Lindsay came to the rescue and got some great shots for me.
 Puffed sleeves. Every little girl's dream.
I really liked how the edging turned out on the lining. I think I used stitch #77 on my machine (Bernina: aurora 430). If you stitch in just the right spot, it catches the edge to make this scallopped edge. No one sees it when she wears it, but when she put the dress on for the first time, she noticed the lining edge and ooh-ed and aah-ed over it. It's the little things sometimes that make us feel fancy.
 All of the fabric came from Jo-Anns. The pale yellow stuff has little sequins throughout. Not too many, but just enough for a little bit of sparkle. I used my embroidery module to add these swirls on the sash fabric before I sewed it all together. I thought it pulled it all together a little better than just using a solid color.
 I didn't realize the sleeves had this detail until I was actually putting the dress together. I love it. I think it gets overlooked with this fabric because of all the embroidery, but I think on another dress with less texture in the fabric, it would really stand out.
(Notice the Christmas tree in the background? That's how long I've been trying to take putting off taking a good picture of this dress.)
Success! It's always nice when she likes something I make for her. Sometimes she just won't wear the stuff I make. I don't think we have the same style. You win some, you lose some. And I'm glad this is one she likes.
 This was a dress that she did not like. I loved it. I originally blogged about it in March of 2010 on my family blog, but that was before this Bridge Street blog was born. The dress turned out to be a little bit too big for her, so I took a black elastic headband and put it around the dress around the empire waist spot. I thought it looked pretty much perfect. Plus, I drafted the pattern of the dress and the bib section. I borrowed the sleeves from a pattern in my stash: Simplicity 3511.
I love tucks. There, I said it. And I thought that she would love them, too. But she did not. She wore this dress twice and I had to beg her to wear it each time. So we gave it to one of her cousins. And these are the best pictures I got of it. I keep meaning to make it one more time in shades of pink instead. I think she might like it better that way. I don't think she's a big fan of the white bib look, though. Too juvenile? Too clownish? I don't know. She's six years old now, and she knows what she likes. And what she doesn't.
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Rishi said...

I love your pics. Afton looks so cute. But I just want to see it in person. Sometimes seeing it in a pic just isn't good enough. I wish the world were a little smaller today.