Monday, July 25, 2011

Quilt #2

I made my first quilt almost two years ago. I've got another on the frame...almost done. But earlier this month a cousin in our family had a birthday and we decided to lay aside everything (and I do mean everything!) to make a quilt for her. It was finished in one week.
It was something we've had in the plans for the last couple of years, (The horses were purchased that long ago) and I was surprised to find that I had enough matching fabric to pull it off.
The big pink and green flowers are my favorite. (from a sister-in-law's stash).
I mapped out this quilt in Excel. When I decided to make picture frames for eight of the horses I wanted to make mitered corners. I tried one and found that the "log cabin" finish was just as nice in this case.
Now here is my secret. I have a co-worker when I sew. He does the cutting for me when it involves the rotary cutters. He also has an opinion - that he likes to share. We argued over that center horse square, how it should be "framed" if at all, and whether there should be four big squares surrounding it - as shown or eight little squares. You can see whose vote won. It looks good. He was right.

And now for a couple of out takes - I had some helpers when photographing this quilt. The third one was a little too inquisitive. (See him there on the right) I thought he wanted to see the quilt....

 But no, he just wanted to look at his hands, the little punk!

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